1000L 10BBL to 10000L 100BBL beer horizontal bbt

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1).Beer storage tank: bright beer tank/serving tank, jacketed or non-jacketed, 150 degree bottom cone, with  carbonization device assort  

Stainless steel material, compression resistance design, design pressure 0.3Mpa, working  pressure 0.15Mpa,

48 hours pressure test  for both interior and cooling jacket; Polyurethane insulation and stainless steel cooling jacket, 60 degree bottom cone;

2).Cooling: double stage cooling, cooling system for both heat exchanger and fermenter

3). PID control: Single tank, single control


1.Three year quality guaranty, the machine with all the parts(excluding the consumables)

   shall be changed free of charge when problems happened during the warranty period. 

2. Lifetime maintenance free of charge.

3. Free training course at our plant. 

4. We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.

5.12 hours on line service each day, free technical support. We will solve your problems

    immediately by E-mail, fax, MSN, Skype ,telephone.

6. The English operation manual in electronic edition is included.

7. Machine has been adjusted before delivery.

8. Polishing

Polishing is vital for tanks. Tanks should be polished wholly inside and outside. 

Therefore it can ensure there is no place for the bacteria to hide in tanks.

Our polishing system consists of auto and semi-auto polishing machine and manual polishing.  

Each tank is polished three times and more polish for the key place.  

9. Welding 

Our argon central system for welding provides 100% pure argon to protect tanks from distorting during welding.

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