1000L 2000L stainless steel conical beer fermenter

1. Material: SUS304 or SUS316L,

2. Effective Volume:   customized:500L

3. Size: can be design according to customer’ space height and door size and container size for shipping.

4. External jacket: Stainless Steel SUS304, thickness is 1.5mm, 

5. Inner surface material: Stainless Steel 304/316

6. Cooling way:  With glycol cooling jacket, or cooling coil,

7. Washing way:  CIP spray ball; In the center of the inside tank

8. Beer way out:  With racking arm for beer outlet and drainage valve

9. Welding way:  Perfect argon arc welding, Welds are smooth and flat and the arrangements of welds have to be not more than Ra 0.4 μm. Inside and outside polishing processing, No welding dead corner.

10.Control way: each PID controller control temperature each tank, you can set up or adjust temperature via it;

11.Temperature control ways: Platinum resistance thermometer and Direct reading thermometer, display temperature from intelligent data meter

12.Temperature Measurement System: Temperature sensor PT100, temperature display by intelligent data meter.

13 Co2: by using carbonation stone

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